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APN CAPITAL Provide the Personal Loan,Buisness Loan MSME Loan , Joint Libelity Loanby our Banking & NBFC Partners.


APN CAPITAL is a Authorized Sub Broker In Indian Stock Market like "NSE & BSE" We Provide Equity, Commodity, Currancy Services.


Gram Jyoti Is the Women Empowerment Program In Maharashtra. Run By "SSBMW SOCIETY" Registered Under Gov. Of Maharashtra In 2009.

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

Equities & Derivatives

Invest in shares to generate long-term wealth or take the high risk of entering the derivative segment for lucrative returns. Labdhi will hand-hold you in equity trading and lend invaluable guidance to manage risks involved in derivatives trading.

Mutual Funds

Investors are more and more turning towards Mutual Funds today for they are less risky and a lot easier as compared to stock markets. At Labdhi, you can start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in Mutual Funds with as low as Rs 500 worth of amount per month.


Labdhi understand the importance of insurance and the different types of insurances like life insurance, health insurance and general insurance. We will understand your requirement and then accourding to your criteria and needs will give you expert insurance advice.


Dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced investment professionals continuously evaluates the market trends to offer you the right advice and keep you a step ahead of the curve.

Wealth Management

APN Capital caters to Retail, HNI, UHNI and Corporate with dedicated team and specialist advisors which understand each client needs individually. It is a multi dimensional financial service provider like Finance, Equities, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, General Insurance and Tax Planning.


Investment Bonds are debt instruments in which the authorized issuer owes the bond holders a debt. Depending on the terms of the type of bonds, the authorized issuer is obliged to pay interest and/or repay the principal at a later date upon maturity.

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